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Ponant, “Savoir Vivre” – the art of enjoying the quality of life!

This is the credo of the French luxury shipping company Ponant. Tasteful but not too opulent the ambience, courteous and discreet the service, formidable the cuisine on board – plus authentic and extraordinary destinations.
The on-board life “a la francaise” on the small, fine cruise yachts at Ponant is exquisite. This luxury, trademark of the French, can be found on all modern and elegant ships of the Ponant fleet. Please convince yourselves and have a look at the offers , whether a journey for you is present.

Ponant Explorer

A new generation of expedition yachts

The shipping company Compagnie du Ponant stands in particular for first-class expeditions.

With Ponant’s typical mix of excellent decor, state-of-the-art technology, low capacity and commitment to environmental protection, the ships are designed to reach even the most remote destinations that others cannot reach.

Discover the PONANT EXPLORERS, which will offer you extraordinary and unforgettable expeditions of a different kind.

The Sailor

The legendary first ship of PONANT – the Le Ponant – is an 88 meter long three-master and a classic on the oceans. With shallow draught, its open design and direct access to the sea from the marina, Le Ponant gives a maximum of 64 passengers the feeling of sailing on a private yacht. All 32 cabins have portholes or panoramic windows and are available in nautical shades of blue and white. Two cosy lounges and two restaurants for true gourmets ensure the casual on-board life on this sporty sailing yacht.

Whether you are cruising with Le Ponant on the Mediterranean Sea, embarking on the Cape Verde Islands and crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean or enjoying tea time on the Antilles – this extraordinary ship is the ideal base station for all excursions in a small circle.

At a glance

  • Legendary three-master conveys the feeling of a sailing yacht
  • 32 cabins with portholes and panoramic windows
  • 400 sqm sun deck
  • Large lounge and 2 restaurants, one with terrace
  • Open-air life on board
  • Sea access from the marina
  • Excellent service with French charm

Click here to download the deck plan of the Ponant as pdf.

The four beautiful sisters

Le Boréal, L’Austral, Le Soléal und Le Lyrial

The four sister ships Le Boréal, L’ Austral, Le Soléal and Le Lyrial are ultra-modern, luxurious yachts built between 2010 and 2015. The interior was designed by the French designer Jean-Philippe Nuel, who designed the ships in an „expedition style“ with natural authentic colours and materials and driftwood, in adaptation to the destinations visited.

Discover the world of Ponant expeditions in Antarctica,

or the Arctic

Austral / Boréal

The 142-metre-long mega-yacht L’ Austral, like its sister yacht, Le Boréal, offers space for 264 passengers in 132 outside cabins and suites. The concept of French elegance, sportiness and familiar flair runs like a red thread through the luxury yachts of the Ponant fleet.

The approx. 20 m² cabins and 40 m² suites on board the L’ Austral and Le Boréal are all comfortably equipped and provide you with a feel-good factor. You will be spoilt with international and French delicacies.

Relaxation is provided by the spa and wellness area “Sothys” as well as the sun deck with pool and fitness centre. You can spend the evenings in the theatre, open-air bar or main lounge with dance floor and cocktail bar or in the Panoramic Lounge with library and live entertainment – just as you like it.

Click here to download the deck plans of the Austral and Boreal as pdf for download.


Built in 2015, Le Lyrial is a little smaller than its sister ships and has only 122 cabins and suites for 224 – 264 passengers. The elegant cabins – between 21 m² and 55 m² in size – with balconies of 4-12 m² are equal to any 5-star hotel. The sleek ship with French elegance gives you the feeling of being on your own yacht.
With French charm, the 139-strong crew looks after you around the clock – a 24-hour room service is available to you, of course. And it goes without saying that you dine in on-board restaurants like God in France…

The routes of Le Lyrial are fascinating again and again: from the southern tip of South America (Kap Hoorn) to the Cape of Good Hope/South Africa, to the Falkland Islands or Antarctica, to the Amalfi Coast or to Greece – you are spoilt for choice!

Click here to download the Lyrial deck plan as a pdf file.


Built in 2013, the five-star mega-yacht Le Soléal, like its three sister ships, offers an excellent crew/guest ratio: 139 crew members with discreet French charm are the guarantee that you and 263 other guests on board are not short of anything. Since there are no interior cabins, all accommodations offer a view of the sea, mostly from your own veranda. Le Soléal was awarded the Cleanship seal because the superyacht is particularly environmentally friendly.

You can cruise with Le Soléal between geysers and glaciers around Iceland, admire the beauty of Greenland’s nature, anchor at the coast of California or the east coast of the USA – after every trip you will be enriched by unforgettable experiences on board!

Click here to find the Deckplan of the Soleal as pdf for download.


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