Emerald Azzurra

New luxury yacht Emerald Azzurra sailing from 2021

The Emerald Azzurra is designed to sail the waters of the Adriatic, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, guaranteeing its guests an exclusive yachting experience.

In addition to the well-known highlights of the region, the Emerald Azzurra will also call at ports that only small yachts can enter. This gives guests of the Emerald Azzurra the opportunity to experience the authentic life of the locals away from the well-known tourist attractions.

Cruise the Adriatic Coast Rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and fishing ports that have been trading for centuries, the Adriatic Coast is surrounded by Italy on the west and Croatia to the east. Cruise from the Gulf of Venice, along the Dalmatian coast, and island hop in Croatia, as verdant shorelines border crystalline waters and communities thrive just as they have since antiquity

Cruise the Eastern Mediterranean The Eastern Mediterranean encompasses a variety of stunning locations, many of which have been the setting for legendary battles and lasting myths. Where breathtaking views insight awe and rich traditions thrive across tiny island communities.

Cruise the Western Mediterranean The Western Mediterranean is abundant with glamour, from northeastern Spain’s Costa Brava, to the Italian southern and western coastlines, including the French Riviera.

Cruise the Red Sea Home to some of the world’s warmest and saltiest seawater, the Red Sea is a remarkable body of water. Where technicolour coral reef displays draw divers from around the world to view its thriving biodiversity, and luxury resorts line its shores.

The newest super yacht Azzurra is 110 meters long and is equipped with spacious suites, all with en-suite bathroom and state-of-the-art facilities. Most of the cabins, which start at 28 square metres, also have a balcony.

In the spacious Reflection restaurant, guests enjoy à la carte dining, a first-class breakfast and choose from an extensive lunch buffet. Fresh, local products are lovingly prepared by the chefs of the Emerald Azzurra.

In the style of a real superyacht, passengers have access to a special marina level that offers choice for a variety of activities, such as snorkeling gear or stand up boards.

On land, guests enjoy the cultural offerings of EmeraldPLUS, a selection of EmeraldACTIVE excursions included in the price, and can optionally book excursions from the DiscoverMORE program and tailor their trip to their own preferences.

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